About us

Spirit of the Oceans is a joint venture between the dutch SRF Shipyard in Harlingen, and the german Houseboat consultancy and dealer Marina Düsseldorf. Both companys have a experience of over 40 years.


The goal of our joint activities, is to give historic ships such as Luxe Barges, Coastal freighters, Rescue Vessels, Ferrys, or Fishing Boats a new lease of life as a unique residential, hotel or event boat.

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Marina Düsseldorf

The Marina Düsseldorf is responsible for the conceptual design. We design business-plans and develop a cost overview in cooperation with the shipyard.

A first plan was developed for a houseboat with overnight guests. Other projects followed, such as the event boat Voorwaarts and a luxury houseboat with spa area.

Do you have initial ideas or do you want to acquire a worthwhile investment object? We can advise you.


Marina Special Services

  • Creating location analyzes

  • Creation of a business plan

  • Marketing concepts for rentals

  • Arrangement of moorings

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Marina Düsseldorf

Am Handelshafen 30

40221 Duesseldorf - Germany

Mail: info@marina-duesseldorf.de.nl
Telephone: +49 211 305216

SRF Shipbuilding

SRF   Shipyard

SRF is the responsible shipyard at Spirit of the Oceans. We build or rebuild for you, customization with your wishes. We have many years of experience in shipbuilding. Visit us in Harlingen. You can also visit some boats in the harbor.

SRF Special Services

  • Extension of the hull

  • Shortening of the hull

  • New superstructures

  • Welding new floor tiles

  • Paintings

  • Carpentry

  • Installation of engines and other technology

A rich history

The history of SRF takes us back to 1975, when Lex Tichelaar started his one-man business by refitting old boats from a floating workshop in Leeuwarden. Our company, managed by four partners, has grown into a shipyard that measures

1,500 m² and that is equipped with extensive facilities for ship building, refits and repairs, in the port of Harlingen.


A jack-of-all-trades

SRF has always been a market leader in charter shipping, but over the years our expertise has widened to the classic segment, the sailing and motor charter segments and houseboats. We are a total partner for the entire development process, from working out your idea right up to the completion of a fully operational boat. As we have all the necessary expertise, the possibilities are endless, we give every client customised advice.


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Koningsweg 27
8861 KN Harlingen

Mail: info@srfholland.nl
Telephone: +31(0) 517 417523

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Olivier van Meer - Yacht Architect

OvM is a well-known Dutch yacht architect.
In 2017, he founded a new joint venture with Rolf Gast (owner of marina duesseldorf) to build innovative houseboat projects. Two own brands FLEXX LIVING and FLOATING RESIDENCES, are entering the international yacht market for a “full comfortable life on the water”.

OvM and Rolf Gast also cooperate on the refit of classic ships, which are being converted into innovative houseboats and event ships.

Further information can be found under

Olivier van Meer Design
Zuideruitweg 66
NL-1608 EX Wijdenes


T: +31 6 53311089