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About us

Spirit of the Oceans is a joint venture between the dutch SRF Shipyard in Harlingen, and the german Houseboat consultancy and dealer Marina Düsseldorf. Both companys have a experience of over 40 years.


The goal of our joint activities, is to give historic ships such as Luxe Barges, Coastal freighters, Rescue Vessels, Ferrys, or Fishing Boats a new lease of life as a unique residential, hotel or event boat.

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Marina Düsseldorf Golden hour

Marina Düsseldorf Golden hour

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Marina Düsseldorf

The Marina Düsseldorf is responsible for the conceptual design. We design business-plans and develop a cost overview in cooperation with the shipyard.

A first plan was developed for a houseboat with overnight guests. Other projects followed, such as the event boat Voorwaarts and a luxury houseboat with spa area.

Do you have initial ideas or do you want to acquire a worthwhile investment object? We can advise you.


Marina Special Services

  • Creating location analyzes

  • Creation of a business plan

  • Marketing concepts for rentals

  • Arrangement of moorings

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Marina Düsseldorf

Am Handelshafen 30

40221 Duesseldorf - Germany

Telephone: +49 211 305216

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